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    A new concept in plastic
    Thermoplastic technologies for industry-wide use.

Rotolia designs and manufactures industry-wide plastic parts

We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary technical team to give shape to your ideas.

We use some of the best known thermoplastic technologies, and are specialists in rotational moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming, and blow moulding.

We shape your ideas and mould your projects

We will advise you on the thermoplastic technology most suited to your requirements: manufacturing units per year/month, mechanical, chemical and aesthetic characteristics. We can offer this service thanks to our highly skilled team.

Our headquarters are in Valencia, strategically located to connect with the rest of the country and Europe by land, sea and air.

About Rotolia
Manufacturers of plastic parts in Spain

A new concept in plastic

We lead the way in using and evolving the latest technologies in the manufacture of bespoke plastic parts. Our innovation centre provides all the technological innovations necessary to ensure each project has the right solution in terms of efficiency, quality and warranty.

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We offer four of the most commonly used thermoplastic technologies

Quality plastic products

We create carefully designed bespoke products with perfect finishes.

At Rotolia, we work for different industrial sectors: automotive, urban furniture, energy, food, healthcare, aeronautics, livestock, decoration, agriculture, civil construction, logistics and packaging, gardening, etc.

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Manufacture of quality plastic products in Spain

At Rotolia, we advise you from the very beginning

Tell us about your project or idea, and we will accompany you throughout the process until you get the product you are looking for.

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