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Rotolia is a company that manufactures industry-wide plastic parts using thermoplastic technologies (rotational moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming, and blow moulding).

We offer comprehensive project management, from the initial design idea through to product delivery and packaging.

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Strategic location

Rotolia is located in northern Valencia (Spain), very well connected by road with the rest of the country and Europe. And with an airport and seaport just a few kilometres away.

We have a 10,000-square metre logistics centre where we manufacture products based always on high quality standards, cutting-edge plastic design and production technologies, and a high degree of environmental commitment.

Environmental commitment

All Rotolia’s production has been recyclable (i.e. 100% recoverable) since 2018. We are five years ahead of the European Regulation, all thanks to our conviction of the need to take care of our planet.

We have been minimising waste and working with natural additives such as rice husks and almond shells since 2020.

Half of our production will come from recovered raw materials from 2025 onwards.

Circular economy

We work with the Upcycling the Oceans Foundation to ensure the traceability of waste, giving new life to plastic materials removed from oceans and landfills. We promote the circular economy under the names ECOCEAN , ECOURBAN and ECONATURA. With the Upcycling The Oceans Foundation , we guarantee the origin, traceability and safeguarding of this waste.

Environmental commitment
Environmental commitment

of our additives are natural (rice husk and almond))


of our production will be from recovered raw materials by 2025


All of our production has been recoverable since 2018


Rotolia uses ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards for all its design, manufacturing and quality control processes. Both of these standards are certified by Bureau Veritas.

The quality standards in our different processes are supplemented by the Lean Manufacturing method, with a view to minimising losses in the manufacturing processes while optimising value creation for the end customer.

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Find answers to questions about Rotolia and how we work.

We use the four most widely used thermoplastic technologies in the industry: Injection moulding , rotational moulding, thermoforming, and blow moulding.

Yes, we advise customers on the most suitable technology according to their requirements and the manufacturing units they need.

Yes, Rotolia handles the entire process. From the original idea, through to the end product. Rotolia studies, designs and manufactures your plastic projects with cutting-edge technologies.

Customers can choose whether they prefer comprehensive product management or would rather take care of the final packaging themselves. Rotolia can take care of any products requiring assembly of parts or other elements. It can also take charge of labelling and bagging the product with the customer’s corporate packaging, ready for shipping to the final destination.

Yes, of course. We respect our planet, and are ahead of European regulations on waste management. All of our production has been 100% recyclable since 2018. We also work with natural additives, and collaborate with the Upcycling The Oceans Foundation to give new life to plastic materials.

Yes, at Rotolia we work for the automotive industry, urban furniture, interior and exterior decoration, agriculture...

We work with the most modern thermoplastic technologies in the sector

We manufacture bespoke parts and components. We advise customers on producing a wide variety of products from plastic, in accordance with their technical requirements.

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